Alumni Get Together - Madrid

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15th January 2015 - Flash Flash
20+ Alumni and 15+ Nova SBE students from the study trip
Fernando Soares and Marta Assunção, from the alumni office, also joined the event

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Célia Silvestre, BSc '05

Celia Silvestre




She is 27 years old and was born in Canada. Célia came to Portugal to complete the education at Nova SBE. She also worked in the publishing company -  Big Four -  in Portugal. But in 2012 she returned to Toronto, where she lives today.

"Because I find more opportunities than in Portugal," she says. She works in an important shoes store where she prepares management support reports.

She says that the biggest advantage of Canada "is the possibility of a career in what I like" and the "contact with many different cultures."

Full article in portuguese here and here

Cristina Ventura - BSc' 90

Cristina Ventura Foto

Evolution Lisbon, 16th hotel of SANA Hotels, will open doors late this year and Cristina will be the Director. Congratulations!

Have a look at Crisitna Ventura in the Publituris newspaper (article in portuguese) here.